A little bit about me...

Hi, my name is Kimberley and White Flamingo was established in 2016 out of a love for crafting. I now specialise in three key areas: Textiles, Paper and Wood. From machine embroidery artwork to reclaimed wood models and not forgetting beautifully crafted wedding stationery, all of my work centres around a consistent and professional finish with an excellent balance for colour and detail. My passion is to create one-off pieces that will mean the world to the recipient.


My business is based in beautiful mid Wales and this heavily influences my work. I love to be outside and am often in awe of the stunning landscapes and colours of nature that I am lucky enough to be surrounded by. Local wildlife and animals also feature strongly and I love to bring their personalities to life throughout my pieces. A recent avenue I have begun exploring is local myth and legend. One area of this is goddesses and I enjoy learning about how their stories are woven into our natural landscapes, the rivers, the hills, each with their own personalities, qualities and strengths.

Crafting has always been in my blood and from an early age I found it so rewarding to give a personalised and individual gift that had been chosen or made with care. I have also always loved the feeling of having something unique, that no one else would have, that made it feel all the more special to me.

I have used this as the foundations of my business and I know it is important that I never stray too far from these ethics. I feel my business logo reflects this ethos and is very dear to my heart for how it was constructed. Having realised I must choose a name for my venture I combined one of my favourite animals with a neutral colour and set about thinking of a logo. Now for the really good bit...my beautiful flamingo that features on every single item I make was actually drawn by my gorgeous little boy who had just turned 3 years old at the time. I had asked him to try to draw a flamingo and after a speedy squiggle on the paper I grabbed it quickly before it turned into a splode. After adding a beak and some feet I also hid a ‘W’ in there for good measure and my White Flamingo was born!

I hope you enjoy visiting my website and seeing some of the work that I do and I hope to hear from you should you wish to order your very own bespoke piece of art or buy something from my Etsy shop. 

Kimberley x

Thanks for looking