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A whole lot of hares...

So September is here, and with it we will see the start of autumn. I always feel ready for the next season to come along and autumn holds a special place in my heart for the colours, the crisp mornings (hopefully!) and the cosy nights starting to draw in. Unlike other months, I had September ear marked early on for a specific window display that would see the autumn colours starting to creep in. And the stars of the show? Well, that would be these two...

I have always loved hares and they became particularly special to me when our daughter was born in March 2016 with a head full of crazy hair and we lovingly called her our mad march 'hare'. Having received these hoops from a lovely friend, I knew straight away what I wanted to create in the oval piece and I knew I wanted to incorporate the beautifully detailed William Morris designs. Seeking out this fabric (William Morris - 'Golden Lily') and raiding my other fabric boxes, I had a whale of a time in creating this artwork with all of its colours and textures. Surrounded by flowers and with the beautiful background I have called her 'Meadow Hare'.

Whilst creating the first hoop, I soon had an idea for the round hoop and really wanted to create a moon gazing hare. This image is often seen in artwork and is seen as a symbol of growth, re-birth, new beginnings and good fortune, all themes I would be happy for my work to be associated with. Combinations of darker navy fabrics (including another beautiful William Morris Design - 'Compton Floral') paired with silvery tones bring a quiet calm to this piece.

I do hope they find their forever homes in time, although when I have loved creating something so much I will always be sad to see them go. I hope you like the new window and are looking forward to the start of this new season.

Thanks for reading,

Kimberley x

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