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Updated: Apr 23, 2020

A message of strength, hope and joy at this unprecedented time.

So this is my first post...and there really was no competition with what I wanted this to be about - Our beautiful town of Llanidloes.

The world is experiencing such difficult times at present and everyone is on a different journey learning to cope with how this affects their lives. One positive to come from this pandemic is how the community has pulled together, with many working so hard to support those that are vulnerable, isolated or at greater risk.

For my part, I wanted to use my artwork to try and raise some money to support these efforts, and out of this came my #togetherstronger print. I have depicted our beautiful town of Llanidloes in many forms but this is very special. A bright and colourful print that I have drawn and created digitally. This has allowed me to have lots of fun and even add a rainbow to it! Sometimes seen as whimsical, the rainbow has been such a symbol of strength around the country, with them popping up all over the place in windows, on roads and just about everywhere else in-between. A finishing touch on this print has been to include the #togetherstronger. I feel it epitomises the community spirit and emphasises that whilst we may be in isolation physically, we can still support each other in all sorts of ways.

The next decision was to decide who I wanted the profits donated to. After asking around on social media, I felt the clear choice was to support the Llanidloes Covid-19 Mutual Aid Fund - - the money is being used to support all members of Llanidloes and district who find themselves needing help and support through this current pandemic crisis.

£5 from every print sold will be donated to this fantastic fund that is providing support to so many at this time.

The print is now available in my etsy shop ( or simply contact me via email ( if you would like to purchase.

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