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A range of cards, gifts and home items all handmade with love by me!
Specialising in paper, fabric and wood
Including machine embroidery artwork and wedding stationery

Custom orders welcome
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Thankyou so much for looking

Kimberley x

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A little bit about me...

White Flamingo was established in 2016 out of a love for crafting. I had filled my house with all sorts of handmade pieces and rather than move to a larger property I thought it might be time to start trying to sell some. It amazes me to see how White Flamingo has now grown and throughout all of the ups and downs that life has sent my way, my love of creating art has always been there. It is my heart and soul and I hope that this passion shows through with everything I produce. I specialise in three key areas: textiles, paper and wood. From machine embroidery artwork to reclaimed wood models to watercolour painting and wedding stationery, my work centres around a consistent and professional finish with an excellent balance for colour and detail. 


My business is based in beautiful mid Wales and this heavily influences my work. Themes of landscapes, flora and fauna are a regular feature but I also love exploring myths and legends and spiritual aspects as well. I have a diverse style that I love to explore and experiment with and often use mixed media to create pieces. 

White Flamingo continues to evolve and I now have two aspects developing within it. On the one side I have created a variety of designs that are reproduced as cards, prints, teatowels and some tote bags. These items are available in the online shop, with new designs being added all the time. On the other side, I have individual handmade items, each one unique and one-of-a-kind. These are shared via my social media platforms on Facebook and Instagram (see links) and are available for sale in my shop in Llanidloes. 

I hope that provides a little background to me. I really appreciate you looking at my website and I hope you find what you're looking for. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

Kimberley x

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