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Statement Pieces

I have recently added this page to my website to showcase the statement pieces I produce. These are larger in scale and truly one offs. They provide an opportunity for me to really explore my creativity and I loose many hours in creating these detailed and intricate pieces. They really make a statement and can be the finishing touch or focal point of any room you choose to place them. 

Due to the size of many of these pieces, they can be very tricky to photograph and so I do apologise for some of the images not being quite what I would hope. They truly are best seen in person, but I wanted to share them here in case they caught the eye of those further afield.


Please scroll across to see a selection of images for each piece and by clicking on an image you will be able to see a larger version of it in more detail. 


As always, please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like any further information.